Airush Sector v6 60 vs Sector v2 60 One Design

Airush Sector v6 60 w/ Ozone R1 v1 17m

Sector V2 vs V6

  • V2 much better low end
  • V2 cranks upwind much better
  • V6 way more playful for carving
  • V6 goes faster through the chop, much easier on the legs, easier to
    keep speed. faster in general
  • V6 foot strap positioned better for such a wide board
  • V6 tuttle box, easier to find race fins


I’m a bit undecided as to which board is best for me. I love the Sector for light wind riding but I also love it when it picks up speed. I could easily keep 20mph on the V6 where as the V2 would make my legs hurt and I’d have to slow down and readjust. The V6 rides through the chop much better and is pretty lose in the rear. But I could tell right away that the V6 just doesn’t have the upwind performance or the early plane of the V2 in super light wind. Maybe once I refine my riding technique on the V6 I’ll get it working as well as the V2 but I’ll need more than two good sessions.

Construction quality on the V6 is meh. Chinese stuff, fin holes have some voids but they looked to be sealed. Definitely not a custom built board that would have meticulous attention to detail.


Had a few more sessions on the Sector V6. Some in light winds and some in overpowered conditions.

Finally tried the TWO rear straps position and very much hated it. It made the ball of my right foot hurt quite a bit for some reason. I couldn’t get the board pointed where I wanted it to or get as much speed out of it. It felt like it could use larger fins for two straps so I could push off them more. Couldn’t carve it as easily with the two straps. I was getting overpowered and rarely switch straps mid sesh but it was so bad I went back to one strap.

Once the single strap was back on, I could hold down much more speed and topped out at 27mph on starboard; my bad tack! The chop wouldn’t let me get any faster.

A lighter day I tried the board in about 12-17mph with one strap and hit the coveted 30mph! Woohoo! Found a section of flatter water and just let her rip! Even small chop still makes keeping the top speed hard but my best mile avg was 25mph, which I’ve never done before. So I broke two personal records.

I’m definitely sold on the V6 being the better board for fun and speed riding but until I get some larger fins to see if I can improve it’s SUPER-ULTRA-LIGHT wind upwind performance, the V2 still takes the champagne for the super-ultra-light upwind and planing.