How low can one go?

Guess I’ll find out how low on the water with a foil and a non-relaunchable kite one can go.

No wind, no water, no problem.

Short mast for shallow water. Works pretty well until the wind picks up and the chop is around a foot high. Still works better than the Sector.

Some days you get nostalgic…

Still waiting on my WindSUP-Foil crossover board. Just wish windsurfing required as little wind as the kites. I love waves but that feeling of blasting around on the windsurfer is just so sweet. Give me that planing feeling anytime!

Somedays there’s just not enough wind…

Even with the new foil I can’t ride all the time. Somedays a kite just wont fly. Decided to try a more racier SUP compared to my 2011 Naish Glide 14′. Picked up a 2015 JP RACE 14’x24.5 carbon.

Getting the hang of it!

Pretty overpowered on the 11m. Getting it done though.

Just a good sesh!

Finally got to test the new Slingshot foil with the Converter board. Worked MUCH better than the LF board. The LF just didn’t have the correct position for the foil and no mast track. The ghost foil feels much more sleeker while riding compared to the LF FunFoil. Takes a little more power to get…

Slingshot Converter

Haven’t had the chance to try it with the new foil yet but the Slingshot Converter feels awesome as a surfboard. Feels very playful in the sloppy surf. Not sure if it’s because the fins are plastic and soft or the swallow tail is just that good. The board doesn’t have the extreme low end…

Slingshot Ghost Whisper Foil!

Just got the baby in! Can’t wait to compare it to the Liquid Force FunFoil. This feels much more sleeker and lighter. Should have a much better top end too, the LF just runs out of oomph really fast and gets scary uncomfortable. Oh and I still don’t much like foiling but I do love…

Another Day Another Sesh

Great day testing out the Cabo 7m! We definitely don’t get enough days when the 7’s actually rideable but I’m glad it’s in the quiver.

Best Cabo v3 Wave Kite Quiver

I was hesitant to buy another wave kite after my 2016 Slingshot SST 12m purchase. The SST felt gutless, pulled down wind by sitting too far in the window, didn’t make going upwind easy and the innovative lifted leading edge (think Naish Helix) made the kite end up in the dunes on a few occasions…